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Fear the Boot

Nov 26, 2013

* (0:29) Welcoming guest hosts Brodeur from The Fantasy Shop and Mike from Action Nerds: GO! podcast.  This degrades into a raucous tangent on George R.R. Martin.

* (3:29) The article by Jason Brick posted on American Express OPEN Forum can be found here.

* (4:00) Be sure to get out and back the podcaster charity drive by clicking right here!

* (6:26) The idea of Game Mastering for money.  The fact that we pay for people to tell us stories all the time.  The value a Game Master brings to his or her group.

* (12:42) Countering with the value the players bring to the table, since RPGs aren’t passive entertainment.  Selecting the right players for this kind of game.

* (15:15) The charisma, endorsements, and production value needed to take it beyond the level of a normal gaming experience.

* (19:06) Building the right business model and ways of connecting players to GMs.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, John, Mike