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Fear the Boot

Dec 10, 2012

* (0:28) Announcing our pick for the Postcards from the Dungeon contest!  You’ll be able to see the postcard we picked when the poll goes live later this week.

* (2:32) The existence or absence of critical miss rules in various systems, and whether they’re needed to add parity to critical hits.

* (20:18) Why GMs should not make obfuscation and frustration their go-to method of building a plot.  Times we’ve encountered this in the past.  Whether improv GMs are more prone to this particular mistake and some suggestions on a better way to structure even a “single-objective” plot.

* (45:39) Apparently game companies think Christmas is in March this year.  You can find Karla’s wish list site here.

Hosts: Dan, John, Julia, Pat