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Fear the Boot

Feb 1, 2012

* (0:48) Fear the Boot + Pat – (Dan + Dan’s job) = episode 256

* (1:36) Wayne will be posting his first game for Fear the Con V this Friday.  If you’re interested in passing out flyers or hanging them up in your local game store, you can download them here.

* (6:21) Our Old Republic guild, House Nachash, is still going strong.  You can find details on our forum.

* (7:33) Poop sock?

* (10:11) Pat and his peach cider.

* (12:28) Resuming an RPG campaign after a long break.  Using the break as an opportunity for taking stock of what’s working, revising where needed.  Easing back in.  Keeping the game alive through outside conversation, or at least keeping the group in contact through a filler game.  The pitfalls when coming back, including social distractions and forgetting what was going on.

* (36:09) How to get the most out of different GMing styles.  Appreciating the distinctions and adapting your play-style to get the most from your Game Master.  Evaluating your GM style.  How to get the most honest feedback from your players.

Hosts: Chris, John, Karla, Pat, Wayne