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Fear the Boot

Sep 1, 2011

* (0:24) Imagining an insufficient universe.

* (3:22) Pat has a gift for Wayne’s birthday.  This leads to a conversation about comic collections, older comic storylines, and related tangents.

* (7:41) John’s Bloodmoon Goblins Kickstarter is still going strong and accepting donations, pre-orders, and other reward purchases!

* (8:35) With Wayne’s story concluded, Chris has launched a new series of serial fiction on the Skies of Glass website.

* (10:28) Revisiting invasion stories to pick up some discussion threads we either missed or didn’t explore sufficiently in the prior show.  We start off with invaders that lack depth because they’re more like a force of nature than a hostile culture.

* (14:34) When the invasion is a backdrop as opposed to the central plot.  The relationship between setting and story, and the inevitable bleed between the two.

* (17:09) Playing as the invader instead of the invaded.  Determining whether the characters agree with the invasion or oppose it, and keeping the game going either way.

* (33:27) Narrating the invasion event.  Working out the pacing in a way that makes sense for your campaign.  Educating your players about the two sides, particularly when the game is not based on a well-known setting or historical event.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne