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Fear the Boot

Mar 10, 2010

I want to thank Dave Dankel from Iron Agenda for taking my seat on the show this week and letting the guys record with his setup.  I desperately needed the time to work on Fear the Con stuff, and the free night helped out quite a bit.  If you’re at all interested in WarMachine, be sure to check out his show!

* (0:30) Introducing Dave.

* (2:26) A restaurant run by firefighters.

* (7:04) How Dave is the unnamed topic of so many Fear the Boot episodes.

* (14:14) Gaming with your boss.

* (18:06) The relationship between war-gaming and roleplaying.

* (21:44) Adding roleplaying to a war-game.

* (37:42) Using war-games to resolve elements of a roleplaying game.

* (44:22) Managing expectations when approaching a new game.

* (46:58) The subconscious creep of roleplaying into a war-game.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dave, Pat, Wayne