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Fear the Boot

Dec 26, 2007

* Oboe Cops’ generic holiday greetings.

* Adam loses his World of Warcraft account.

* A Fear the Con update.

* December is out to destroy your games.

* Running a holiday-themed game. And, sadly, I found the Christmas in the Stars song John alluded to.  After that, go listen to Chewbacca sing Silent Night.

* The list of top 10 aphrodisiacs.

* Adam tries to defend Sliders and Dragonball Z.

* Our experiences with Magic: The Gathering.

* Our favorite ladies from science fiction TV and movies, followed by our favorites from video games.

* My Enormous Penis by Da Vinci’s Notebook.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

over twelve years ago

Dan said Herculean I\'ve been thinking about that word all day.

over twelve years ago

The comment about the internet being like a woman?

... Yeah...

>: |