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Fear the Boot

Nov 28, 2007

* The TV shows getting passed around.

* A shout-out to Phil’s podcast, Insert Coin Live, and a look forward to our joint Conan MMO guild.

* Dan’s bad gaming experiences.

* Introducing new players to roleplaying games.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Luke

over twelve years ago

I would love to have an explanation to give my friends and family as to what role playing games are and some kind way of explaining that I do not have some sort of sad pyschological issue that makes me play this kind of game.

Thank you,

I think you guys are very funny and I enjoy your podcast.


over twelve years ago

There\'s a theory on Tact Filters that\'s been around for more than 10 years. I\'ve really enjoyed this idea recently, and I think it\'s very relevant to some of the conversation in this podcast.

UU Jester
over twelve years ago


(Mom always said, \"Start out on a positive note.\" So...)

I think that was the best description of how to get a newbie into role-playing, I\'ve ever heard. More than half of the players I\'ve GM\'d for were introduced to the hobby by me. Thanks for the new ideas.

Now.. the bad.

I\'m struggling with whether the whole first 20 minutes of the episode was just a joke. You can\'t be a GM and not know the meaning of the word \"STORY\". Rather than assume you were obtuse, I\'ve decided you just are too ingrained with the \"NO Gaming Stories\" rule.

Stories are narratives. They have characters and a plot and a beginning and (most of the time) and ending.)
When someone asks you to tell a story-- you don\'t give examples of your GMing faults. You TELL A STORY!!!

(Sorry, but it was like listening to politicians at a debate. Never answering the question they are asked. That always drives me nuts.)

Ok. Vented. Better now.

over twelve years ago

I found the best way to describe D&D to a co-worker. Take the game \'Clue\' now pretend to role play Colonel Mustard or Ms. Scarlet. There is a made up place, a goal, and a defined means of achieving that goal.
Then change a variable. In this case put the cast of characters in a mystical castle or alternate setting. Change the goal, Ms. Scarlet and Col. Mustard are trying to stop as assassin from killing the king, etc.
Whatever you do don\'t say \'Hail Satan!\'

over twelve years ago

I think Dan has decided he\'s NOT going to play the new World of Darkness and is just using this \'Hunters Hunted\' thing as an excuse.
If I\'m wrong, than just give it a shot, Dan. But if I\'m right, Luke, just give up because he\'s already made up his mind.

Bill Gates
over twelve years ago

That was a very simple way to introduce someone to the idea of roleplaying. It seems a lot easier than I imagined it.