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Fear the Boot

Oct 29, 2019

* (0:28) Fear the Con 2020’s Kickstarter, with added rewards for people that can’t attend.

* (3:38) Wayne does something cool, tells Dan about it, gives Dan a poster from it, and then forgets all of it.

* (9:38) Hijacking versus homebrewing. “Have to” versus “want to.”

* (12:21) Deciding what attributes are important to a story and, by extension, what needs to be reflected in the system.

* (17:50) What’s simulated in the game as opposed to simulated in the meta-game.

* (22:58) The boon of the number of games available.

* (33:54) Getting back to simulating what matters. You can download Chad’s free games here.

* (42:31) Don’t homebrew just because something small isn’t working.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne