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Fear the Boot

May 25, 2016

* (1:24) Patreon milestones coming up, including a live-stream Shadowrun AP.

* (2:36) Dan played D&D 5E, and he liked it. Pat thinks it should feel wrong, but it feels so right, instead.

* (14:48) Improving games by using the Stoplight.

* (18:11) Removing the red lights to preserve feelings.

* (20:25) Pat's take on the advantages of open communication.

* (24:00) Phrasing the suggestions to be future-oriented instead of past-oriented.

* (26:26) Stoplighting also needs to be applicable to GMs.

* (34:14) Filling out a form for yourself.

* (37:59) Chris' short film, It Figures, is being played at the Gen Con Film Festival.

* (39:34) Why the Stoplight is worth doing.

Hosts: Dan, Pat, Wayne