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Fear the Boot

Feb 21, 2007

* Fear the Boot store update.

* A preview of the upcoming interviews.

* The backlog of resource documents.

* Gaming comics.

* Players and GMs make the game.

* Designing character advancement for your new roleplaying game.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Mike

Cable Assembly
over twelve years ago

I SO love this podcast!

almost thirteen years ago

Hey guys. Great show, I really enjoyed listening to it.

In regard to the topic of RPG comic books; I believe that there is currently a Ptolus mini-series out now, which is written by Monte Cook.

almost thirteen years ago

I love this podcast!

I\'ve heard you mention a few time in the podcasts that you can\'t prevent min-maxing with a gaming system. I think it may already have been done. PDQ balances big guns and ballerina power, where Mr. Min and Mr. Max can\'t abuse each other.

RISUS may be another one.

Uncle Thorsen
twelve and a half years ago

I think \"good\" traits like Honesty and Truthfulness are considered disadvantages or Flaws because they limit your range of choices.
Honesty prevents you from committing crimes to achieve your goals.
Truthfulness makes you either a bad liar or one who compulsively speaks the truth.

almost thirteen years ago

There have been a number of comic books based on RPGs over the years. From the late 1980 thru the early 1990s, DC Comics published the following monthly title: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance, along with a few D&D related mini-series. Kenzer and Company published a series of D&D based mini-series after the release of D&D 3.0. As you mentioned in the podcast, there was a short-lived Battletech comic from Blackthorne Punlishing. When Mutant Chronicles was first published, there was a comic book tie-in by Acclaim Comics. Acclaim also published a series of minis and one-shots based on Magic: The Gathering. Image published a Deadlands Prestige format one-shot back in 1999. There have been a few World of Darkness based one-shots in recent years, by Moonstone I think. Hero Comics started publishing comics based on the Champions RPG Universe back in the mid-1980s, some of which are still being published today. There was also a Villains & Vigilantes mini-series back in teh 80\\\'s.

This is leaving out the wealth of comics based on movies, tv shows or books which have been converted into RPG: Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Conan, and Stargate SG-1, to name a few.

I\\\'m sure there are more out there that I have missed. For the most part, these comics were published by small, independent companies with little or no advertising, making it easy for them to be overlooked by gamers as well as comic readers.

Eye Tyrant
almost thirteen years ago

Hey gentlemen,

Love the new site design, but I can\\\'t find a link to the forums. Maybe I\\\'m blind. That would be ironic, wouldn\\\'t it?