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Fear the Boot

Jul 3, 2008

* Chris’ Battletech romance of his wife…?!

* The dark history of Dan, Tex, and Chris.

* Crappy Kahlua and high quality water.

* If you’re playing Age of Conan, stop by and check out our guild!  You can find details here.

* A big thanks to forum user, CigarSmoker, for the cigars he’s been sending us!

* How do you handle permanent character death in a roleplaying game that allows for so many ways to come back from the dead?


* How should the availability of resurrections affect an RPG setting and its population?

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John

over eleven years ago

I\'ve had an idea for a campaign which deals with the resurrection issue for a long time, but I\'ve never gotten around to doing it.

In this campaign raising dead would be easy for a cleric (or even wizards) to perform, IF they have the right components... which are quite rare - something like uranium or whatever. Than give the players the only source in the region and watch what happens. Everyone will want a piece, but this could be a very interesting political situation where the players have to play well to keep their source.

over eleven years ago

Considering \'wanting to go back\' standpoint, you should check out the current arc in Order of the Stick, since they have a lead character who\'s dead and they follow his progress through the afterlife as DnD calls it.