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Fear the Boot

Jul 18, 2006

Episode 10 is an anomaly for our show. For this one episode, we turn over the mics to our wives. They give us a woman’s perspective on gaming and what it’s like to be a non-gamer married to a gaming dork.

If this is your first time with Fear the Boot, please be aware that this is not the normal format for our show. If you’re looking to see what this show is typically like, we recommend you go back and listen to episode 9 first.

Hosts: Dawn, Karla, Melina, Teresa

Dan Casey
thirteen and a half years ago

Episode #10 bust me up!!

I could hear so much of my own wife in those comments, so that\'s reassuring, to tell you the truth. Back in Episode #40-something (I think) on The Dice Tower, they did a Q+A with their wives, and the responses there were interesting too.

Way to go peeps!


thirteen and a half years ago

Hi ladies,
As a female player and the (almost) wife of a donut I really enjoyed your show! It was fun to listen to and that\'s the whole point, is it not?
But I do wonder, what colour nails did guys bring home?
Greetz, Skylla