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Fear the Boot

Nov 27, 2019

* (0:28) A big THANK YOU to everyone that backed Fear the Con!

* (2:43) Gamers Table’s weekly Big 20 show (previous episodes here).

* (5:22) Blades in the Dark gives way to a Traveller game. Working through Traveller’s character creation system.

* (16:10) Finding the patterns—and inventing the story—created by...

Nov 21, 2019

* (0:29) Introducing Laura. The episode where we first setup this topic.

* (1:24) Fear the Con has funded! Start getting your games listed!

* (2:18) Chris Hussey’s Savage Worlds setting book, The Wolverines Take the Highway to the Danger Zone.

* (9:21) Why Laura GMed, and how she felt about the prospect of running a...

Nov 8, 2019

* (0:31) Fear the Con’s Kickstarter and Con Planner site.

* (1:45) We’d appreciate it if you gave us a review on whatever site or app you use to consume the show!

* (4:13) Wayne brings some sample characters for us to interpret on the fly, inspired by his experience with pre-generated characters in a one-shot...

Nov 1, 2019

* (0:24) Knowing why you’re changing the game, and by extension, whether it’s worth doing.

* (6:50) Describing damage. Hit points versus wounds versus shock.

* (15:57) Remaking characters in another system, mid-game.

* (31:23) Finding an existing system that fits what you’re looking for.

* (34:55) RPGs as a...