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Fear the Boot

Dec 24, 2013

* (1:05) If you have any extra money this Christmas, please consider a contribution to Operation Underground Railroad, which is working to free children from sex trafficking.  (I realize O.U.R. has gotten verbal and financial support from Glenn Beck, but to the best of my understanding, this is not his charity....

Dec 19, 2013

* (0:59) What players owe their Game Master.

* (21:10) What players owe their fellow players.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Dec 12, 2013

* (0:29) Fear the Con 7!

* (2:38) You can drop us a vote for the Stitcher Awards.

* (3:00) The explicit and implicit social contracts that exist within a gaming group.

* (4:04) What a Game Master owes his or her players.

* (27:40) What a Game Master does not owe his or her players.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Pat,...

Dec 4, 2013

* (1:16) Why Pat won’t GM.  The difficulty of GM self-evaluation.

* (3:54) The factors that motivate someone to GM.

* (11:52) Helping Pat get a start on his setting and campaign.

* (14:38) The comfort of crunch.

* (20:40) Puzzles, immersion, and managing people that play on their phones.

Hosts: Beth, Chad, John, Pat