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Fear the Boot

Apr 26, 2013

* (0:30) Fear the Con 6!  Sign up for the games you want to run or play.  Also, be sure to get your ticket ordered so we can give you a badge on Wing Night and skip the lines on Friday morning.

* (2:03) A discussion about why Tex and Dan used to hate Chris leads into some insight on the work Chris did for FASA and...

Apr 19, 2013

* (0:28) You can find Fear the Con 6 t-shirts and other items on our CafePress store.

* (0:57) Issues of responsibility.   Within a roleplaying group, who buys the books?  How do you fairly divide materials and labor?  Whether hosting the event or running the game should count toward those social obligations.

* (36:48)...

Apr 12, 2013

* (0:20) How Shadowrun 5th edition is adapting to the shifting relevance of cyberpunk’s central themes.  The personal information site I mentioned is Radaris.

* (12:04) The matrix and its way of breaking up the party.  The steps Catalyst is taking to make deckers a bigger part of the primary story instead of an...

Apr 11, 2013

* (0:40) A toast to Spc. David Tyler Proctor.

* (1:43) You can find information on Fear the Con 6’s official charities here.

* (4:18) Introducing our guest, Mark Dynna.

* (5:54) What Shadowrun’s PACs are and why we love them.

* (8:26) Shadowrun 5th edition as a case study on how large and mid-sized game companies...

Apr 3, 2013

* (0:43) Dan was a guest host over at The Established Facts.  You can find that episode here.

* (2:38) The Kickstarter for Hyperreality.

* (6:05) Dan versus Grey Goose.  Dan wins.

* (9:38) Chris versus audio.  Nobody wins.

* (11:51) Giving players really advanced notice of a game session.

* (15:27) Chris invites...