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Fear the Boot

Jan 23, 2013

* (0:51) Sign-up is open for Fear the Con 6!  There are some changes to the scheduling this year, which are detailed in the podcast.  Ticket sales will be available soon.

* (5:37) Chad takes umbrage with Wayne’s comments about spelling errors in his games.  If you want to check out his free one-shotters, you can

Jan 10, 2013

* (1:15) Voting for the postcards contest rolls on!  Be sure to get your votes in here.

* (1:37) Gaming New Years resolutions for 2013.

* (22:01) The various approaches to personal wealth and the broader economy of a roleplaying game.

* (25:44) A quick update on the new things we’ve learned about soap baby.

* (27:14)...

Jan 4, 2013

* (0:05) This was originally going to be the next Bedtime Stories before Wayne happened.  Regardless, we start with Julia’s misunderstanding of what we mean by “bedtime stories”.

* (1:23) You can find Chad’s free games through Morning Skye Studio.

* (2:29) Dan guest hosted on two other shows: Dragonlance...