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Fear the Boot

Dec 26, 2012

You can find a transcript of this show here!

* (0:20) John’s Bloodmoon Goblins Pathfinder supplement is now available for sale as a PDF, with print soon to follow.

* (2:22) The  ecology and agenda of monsters in Pathfinder Online.

* (3:42) The nature of existing (and eventually expanded) “theme park” content as...

Dec 20, 2012

You can find a transcript of this show here!

If you’re interested in backing the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, you can do so here.

* (0:43) The postcards contest is ready for your vote to pick the grand prize winner!  Get your votes in here!

* (1:08) Some breaking news on the Pathfinder MMO: Mark tells us about the...

Dec 14, 2012

* (0:28) If you want to ask Maniah about a Boots the Pegasus t-shirt, you can find that information on our forums.

* (1:50) You can find the details on Fear the Fruit here.

* (2:27) Voting on the postcard grand prize winner will begin soon!  I’m just waiting on one more show to get me their winning card.

* (3:28)...

Dec 10, 2012

* (0:28) Announcing our pick for the Postcards from the Dungeon contest!  You’ll be able to see the postcard we picked when the poll goes live later this week.

* (2:32) The existence or absence of critical miss rules in various systems, and whether they’re needed to add parity to critical hits.

* (20:18) Why GMs...