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Fear the Boot

Jan 12, 2012

* (0:12) Johann is an audio freak of nature.

* (1:17) Introducing our new game, Naughty or Nice to Chris.  We setup the background topic, explain the rules, and have an tangent on “sentient” versus “sapient”.

* (7:42) Chris restarts the episode.  I’m not sure why, but he’s in control.

* (9:12) We discuss...

Jan 8, 2012

* (0:31) A big thanks to Luna for the Secret Santa gift!  You can see a scan of it here and her online gallery here.  We also talk about some original Battletech art we have.

* (4:44) Handling the logistics of a PC death.  We don’t debate whether characters ought to die but instead how to keep that person involved,...

Jan 3, 2012

I apologize in advance for this episode.  It was a bonus show recorded on New Years Eve, and nature pretty much just took its course.  I have another (regular) episode in the hopper, which I will release later this week to make up for missing last week completely and then off-loading this on you today.

Once we get...