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Fear the Boot

Dec 22, 2011

* (1:52) Wayne tries to one-up John by rolling a method 0.25 character.

* (3:52) Dan offers Chris some unsolicited PR advice.

* (5:10) Following a suggestion from forum user, Concise Locket, we discuss going outside of the game-provided mechanics to resolve actions within a game.  How other metaphors can enhance...

Dec 15, 2011

* (0:29) You, me, them, us, and other difficult pronouns.

* (1:10) Fear the Con 5 registration is still up and running quite nicely.

* (1:32) An invitation to our Old Republic guild.

* (2:18) Method 0.5 character creation meets John’s bard.

* (4:02) Pat goes for Husband of the Year with his (properly placed)...

Dec 9, 2011

* (0:29) What jim’s been up to since we last talked with him.  You can find his current blog at Post World Games.

* (3:34) jim must defend his name, Y, and W.

* (6:05) Pat goes for Father of the Year by taking a break from World of Warcraft to devastate his kid in a family game.

* (9:43) Giving games the right degree...

Dec 1, 2011

* (0:30) Dan’s first two games for Fear the Con V have been posted.  Be sure to create or sign up for anything that interests you!

* (1:39) Chad and Pat’s horrifying idea for episode 300.

* (7:04) Yet  again, a “minor” topic unexpectedly dominates the show!  Wayne’s opportunity to defend his bard against...

Nov 18, 2011

* (0:31) If you’re interested in playing the Old Republic MMO, Fear the Boot has a guild forming on the official game site.  You can see details and sign up to run with us here!

* (3:12) Chris is writing Skies of Glass serial fiction.

* (4:37) We give Pat a chance to prep for Beth coming onto Fear the Boot.

* (6:23)...