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Fear the Boot

Jun 30, 2010

* (0:29) The passing of a friend.

* (1:47) A big thanks to the companies that supported Raina’s Wings with prizes.  You can find the list of those folks here.

* (3:08) Hat day on Fear the Boot…?

* (5:05) Chris finds a gaming group using a flyer and a website.

* (20:33) Representing characters with epic backgrounds...

Jun 23, 2010

* (1:14) Raina’s Wings charity drive results.

* (1:42) Using models on the cheap.

* (4:55) RPGs make failure fun!

* (12:31) The difficulty of telling a good gaming story.

* (22:39) An exercise in applying our own advice by adapting characters to keep the party together.  Dave’s picture summary can be found here.


Jun 16, 2010

* (0:38) John Grana, DA.

* (1:16) Wayne visits the Superman festival.

* (6:25) Adventure Week, as brought to you by Dice, Food, and Lodging.

* (12:12) This versus that.

* (13:53) The benefits and problems of remote gaming.  You can find the tools we mentioned here: MapTool, Skype, Ventrilo.  The play-by-post section of...

Jun 10, 2010

* (0:29) Pat causes confusion.

* (1:48) The FtB: Night of Carnage.

* (6:54) Planning for Gen Con 2010.  If you want to join the TOFTBCH network, be sure to sign up here.

* (9:30) Chad was using what…?

* (11:42) Setting your game up for success.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat,...

Jun 2, 2010

This episode was originally intended to be 193.  However, we never quite got to the RPG topic, so we’re releasing it as a bonus episode instead.

* (0:07) Chad’s dad and 24.

* (12:16) The TOFTBCH network is back for Gen Con 2010!  If you want to be involved (and believe me, you do) be sure to sign up here.

* (16:41)