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Fear the Boot

Nov 26, 2009

* Welcoming comedian Mikey Mason.

* Dan is answering his Fear the Boot email account again. Let’s see how long that lasts.

* Fear the Fruit is back at Fear the Con 3. You can find information on how to make a donation here.

* Revisiting old campaigns.

* Mikey Mason’s beer sites are Good Beer Show and Beer Safari....

Nov 19, 2009

* Some basic information on Fear the Con 3 is up.  More details — and ticketing — will follow soon!

* Checking in on how Wayne’s Mutants & Masterminds game went.

* Getting your players unstuck.

* Bickering about bards.  If you don’t have a 3.5 rulebook handy, you can follow along here.  If you’re interested in...

Nov 11, 2009

* The top 10 reasons we miss having Chris on Fear the Boot.

* Chad makes a special presentation.  You can find the RPG swap thread on our forum.  Be sure to check out Atomic Robo!  The story of Steve Jackson getting in trouble with the government can be read here.

* Running a roleplaying game system or setting for the...

Nov 4, 2009

* Bitter beer.  You can find the beer podcast Mikey Mason is on here.

* Keeping your players focused on the game and stopping the table talk.

* Getting your players to be more proactive about roleplaying.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat, Wayne