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Fear the Boot

Apr 23, 2008

* Episode 100 is coming up next.  If you have any questions for that show, please send them quickly to Dan or Luke.  Also, there may be only a bonus episode since, since 100 will take two weeks to prepare.

* Don’t forget Diecon, particularly if you’re into Warmachine.

* The end of Living Greyhawk and start of Living...

Apr 16, 2008

* Chris is finally on the podcast, despite being a host for several months.

* A big thanks to James, Christopher, and all the folks at I-Con!  Also, congratulations to Christopher for his impending fatherhood.

* Converting Adam into the gaming fold, and what kept him from trying out gaming sooner.

* A shout-out from...

Apr 9, 2008

* For episode 100, we’ll be taking your questions about our views, hosts, or anything else you want to talk about.  So please send your questions to Luke or Dan!

* If you’re in the St. Louis area or interested in Warmachine, don’t miss Diecon at the end of May!

* This past week, Dan was a guest host on two shows. ...

Apr 4, 2008

In this interview we talk with Erik Mona from Paizo Publishing.

Hosts: Dan, Luke, Matt

Guests: Erik Mona

Apr 2, 2008

* Host absence and…murder…?

* Dan and John will be in New York this weekend for I-Con 27!  While there, Fear the Boot will be receiving the Robin D. Laws Award for Excellence in Gaming.

* If you’re in the St. Louis area or a big WarMachine fan, please stop by Diecon in late May.

* If you’re interested in helping...