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Fear the Boot

Dec 31, 2008

In this episode, we have a very candid discussion about violent crime and morality in roleplaying games.  We felt it was important to cover this topic, but some of the content may be unsettling to some listeners.  If you are sensitive to such issues, or listen to the show around people that are, please...

Dec 24, 2008

* Welcoming back Ed Healy of Atomic Array.

* Fear the Con’s hotel block is now ready for reservations.  You can find details on the con’s website.  If you’re looking to share rooms or rides, you can find classifieds on our forum.  We’re also pleased to welcome comedian Mikey Mason as an addition to this year’s...

Dec 17, 2008

* Sign up for Fear the Con!  And if you’re interested in running a game, be sure to contact Chad.

* If you’re interested in playing Warhammer Online, join us on the Order side, Monolith server.  You can find more information on the forums.

* Tuning your GameDAR to find your fellow nerds.  The song Chris referenced...

Dec 11, 2008

Listen along as Chris reads the Battletech love letters he wrote his wife back when they were dating!

Dec 10, 2008

* The awesome result of our Cattletech charity drive.

* Voting on the GM profile entries has ended.  Congratulations to Keith for winning!

* Fear the Con 2 is ready for your sign-up!

* Some tips for cheating the game, which leads into a discussion about how we would each deal with such antics at our own...