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Fear the Boot

Aug 29, 2007

* Atomic Squash game night on October 6th.

* Where did Tex get his nickname?

* What makes a roleplaying game “mature”?

* Organized/persistent/living/etc RPG events.

* Sleeping arrangements and other nonsense at Gencon.

Hosts: Dan, Dan, Daniel, Eric, John, Scott, Tex, Tony (no, that isn’t a typo)

Aug 22, 2007

* Why Dan isn’t on the show.

* Light liquor versus dark liquor.

* Our tour of the dealer room, including our hands-on with Conan.

* Returning to gaming after a long hiatus.  Or why people take long breaks in the first place.

* Etiquette for gaming at a con.

* Phil arrives to talk about Great War of Magellan.

* The...

Aug 15, 2007

* Recording with a broken air conditioner.

* A shout-out to Accidental Survivors and Gamer Traveler podcasts.

* Why we’re a bit slow in responding to email right now.

* Gencon podcasting meet and greet reminder.

* Festivus Con.

* Starcraft Night of Carnage.

* What’s up with Spirit of the Century?

* Running a...

Aug 10, 2007

Like all Fear the Boot bonus episodes, this show is neither edited nor on our usual subject.  So if this is your first time here, we recommend checking out a regular episode first.  Also, excuse the jingling in the background.  Two of my dogs were wrestling throughout the entire episode.

As for the episode, the title...

Aug 8, 2007

* A brief request to treat the ENnie staff with courtesy, even if you disagree with them.

* We spent the weekend at Archon, so we record a round-up of the con.  Excuse the sound quality as we’re in a hotel meeting room, and Dan is losing his voice from speaking so much at panels.

* What we did at Archon.

* Phil’s...