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Fear the Boot

Apr 25, 2007

* Contacting Fear the Boot.

* A reminder on Ziggurat con.  The 60-second promo is located here.

* Chad and Dan, revisit their favorite RPGs, this time sticking to store-bought products.

* Dragon and Dungeon magazine shutting down.  The future of RPG media.

* Building affinity between your players and an NPC.

* Running a...

Apr 18, 2007

* Though it will have minimal impact on the show, we’ve changed our recording date from Saturday to Monday.  Release will still be on Wednesdays.

* We’re accepting donations to prepare gaming kits that will be sent down to Ziggurat Con, a gaming convention for soldiers in Iraq.  You can donate using the “Make a...

Apr 11, 2007

* A discussion of 300.  We promise, there are no spoilers.

* Picking a Star Wars fighter.

* A conversation about costuming leads into an ode to the Brotherhood of Nod.

* DuckTales.  Yes, you read that right.

* Running a sci-fi roleplaying game.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

Apr 5, 2007

* Chris Engler is joining a charity bowling contest that will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters.  If RPG podcast listeners will pledge enough money, several companies (including Highmoon Media and Sword’s Edge) have pledged to give away a ton of RPG-related prizes.  You can find the details on his website or in