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Fear the Boot

Mar 29, 2007

* Chad: The Travesty contest reminder.

* Gaming groups through local libraries, redux.

* The editions of D&D.

* Using maps for combat in an RPG.

* Running a horror game.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Mike

Mar 21, 2007

* The Brownsburg Library D&D group and using your library to promote RPG play.

* A big “thank you” to the community for the donations for Skye.

* Gamer Traveler podcast.

* Chad: The Travesty contest reminder.

* SciFi Smackdown podcast.

* Fear the Boot’s EQ2 and WoW guilds.

* The fandom surrounding modern TV...

Mar 14, 2007

* Chad and Dawn’s baby

* Chad: The Travesty contest.  Enter here!

* Whether rolling dice is unfair to unlucky players.

* The future of Fear the Boot.

* Designing expansions for your roleplaying game.

* Copyright protection.

* Skies of Glass Q&A

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Mike,...

Mar 7, 2007

* Who wants a body massage?

* Do Adam and John sound too much alike?

* Boardgaming.

* Chad calls 911.

* BBS games.  The instance of Legend of the Green Dragon I signed up with can be found here.

* John’s three criteria for a good movie.

* Handling wounds, healing, and death in your RPG design.

* Skies of Glass...

Mar 1, 2007

In the second interview episode, we talk with Mike West from Lionhead Studios. Mike contributed to script development for Fable and is currently the lead script developer for Fable 2. Our conversation focuses on storytelling in video games, but also includes discussion of the relationship between video games...