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Fear the Boot

Jan 31, 2007

* A review of World Wide Wing Night.

* Our take on Wizards of the Coast’s D&D club sponsorship program.  You can find the article we’re discussing here.

* Based on some feedback we’ve gotten, we return to the subject of RPG art.  The RPG publishers we mention are Highmoon Media and Sword’s Edge Publishing.

* We...

Jan 30, 2007

This episode was intended to be a warm-up for Mike, a new host we’re bringing on at FTB to help out with several new efforts we’re preparing to launch.  However, true to form, we spend most of the show chasing tangents, the largest of which is a discussion on pipes and cigars.

Mike was a bit nervous behind the mic,...

Jan 24, 2007

For this episode, we welcome guest host, Chris Hussey, an author that used to work for FASA.

* Character advancement: why is it emotionally integral to the RPG experience?

* A reminder about World Wide Wing Night.  Details can be found here.

* Designing the basic model for characters in a new roleplaying game.


Jan 17, 2007

Before I get to the show notes, a listener asked us to mention an upcoming gaming con.  I didn’t get the note in time for the recording, so I’ll mention it here instead.  The con is Chattacon in Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 26 – 28.  You can find more information at

With that done, on to the...

Jan 10, 2007

WARNING: This episode of Fear the Boot deals with handling sensitive subjects in your role-playing game.  While it maintains the usual rating of a Fear the Boot episode, it includes candid discussions of social issues such as race, religion, politics, and violence.  If you are bothered by such discussions or playing...