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Fear the Boot

Apr 28, 2015

* (0:29) Fear the Con 8 has successfully funded!  You can create and sign up for games here.

* (1:45) Chris’ audio comedy, Gamers Behaving Badly, is attempting to fund a second season.  You can support that here.

* (2:51) Our expectations of what a game shop should be like.  How that differs from our expectations for any other kind of store.  What would Bob Arens do?

* (22:41) Our expectations from a game company.

* (23:28) Content accessibility.

* (24:08) Product cost.

* (26:58) Content portability.  The d20 SRD.

* (32:08) Modules and other forms of plot assistance.  More and More by Captain Hollywood Project.

* (40:09) Listening to the fans or leading by artistic vision.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Pat