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Fear the Boot

Feb 19, 2014

* (0:29) Welcoming Stu and CADave from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast.  The show Julia and Dan recorded for their feed can be found here.

* (1:36) Fear the Con 7. The online convention, Jacker Con 2014 (forum discussion here, Google group here).

* (8:16) Switching your character in the middle of a game.

* (9:23) Reasons people switch characters.  Why ditched characters often make great villains.

* (19:41) Negative vs positive reasons people switch characters.

* (25:30) Switching characters because the player felt they were done with their goals.  How the GM can help by pacing those goals.

* (26:39) Handling the player character that’s being retired.

* (34:08) When the GM asks a player to retire his or her character.

Hosts, CADave, Chad, Dan, Stu