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Fear the Boot

Apr 12, 2013

* (0:20) How Shadowrun 5th edition is adapting to the shifting relevance of cyberpunk’s central themes.  The personal information site I mentioned is Radaris.

* (12:04) The matrix and its way of breaking up the party.  The steps Catalyst is taking to make deckers a bigger part of the primary story instead of an isolated side game.

* (25:09) The organization of the team creating 5th edition.

* (27:06) The things coming up for Shadowrun, starting with an introductory box set.

* (29:17) A unified portal for Shadowrun, which you can find here.  Also Shadowrun Returns and  Shadowrun Online.

* (39:39) Mark will be running a Shadowrun game at FRAG Con.

Hosts: Dan, John, Julia, Wayne

Guests: Mark Dynna