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Fear the Boot

Apr 11, 2013

* (0:40) A toast to Spc. David Tyler Proctor.

* (1:43) You can find information on Fear the Con 6’s official charities here.

* (4:18) Introducing our guest, Mark Dynna.

* (5:54) What Shadowrun’s PACs are and why we love them.

* (8:26) Shadowrun 5th edition as a case study on how large and mid-sized game companies develop their flagship products.

* (10:55) How Mark got started in game development.

* (169:44) The motivation behind a new edition.

* (28:32) How the artwork of a game can help reveal or misrepresent a game’s intentions.  You can find the new cover here.

* (31:44) Planning the feel for 5th edition.  Immediate and measurable consequence for choices made in character creation.  Looking back to prior editions for inspiration.

Hosts: Dan, John, Julia, Wayne

Guests: Mark Dynna