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Fear the Boot

Aug 2, 2012

* (0:28) Introducing James.  How little we used to know about the names associated with the games we played.

* (2:50) Johann must ask the hard-hitting questions.

* (6:02) The degree of freedom RPG fiction writers have in shaping their own work.  The distinction between good prose and good game writing.

* (10:50) Writing shared world fiction.  The joy of working in collaboration with other people, while suffering a loss of ownership and control.

* (14:29) Zeb Cook’s robots.

* (16:04) Creator rights in roleplaying games.

* (27:03) Is gaming fiction typically worse than other forms of fiction?  And if so, why?

* (35:54) The book Jim just finished editing, Beyond the Wall, and how it illustrates his view of an editor’s role.

* (41:15) What Jim has coming up, including some script work on the Hack/Slash comic book.  You can also follow his work via his website.  While not mentioned during the episode, Jim was a puppeteer for the comedy musical, Misfit Heights.

* (42:48) Comparing San Diego Comic-Con to Gen Con, in terms of size, scope, purpose, and culture.

Hosts: Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne

Guests: James Lowder