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Fear the Boot

May 31, 2012

* (0:40) Welcoming Monte Cook.  His first RPG book and the story of how he broke into the industry 24 years ago.  How he made it to D&D and what happened to the Marvel stuff he wrote along the way.

* (8:36) The culture of TSR during its “bloat” and decline.  How the focus of management affected what was being written.

* (11:40) Dan suddenly understands where Ptolus came from.

* (13:27) Monte’s transition from TSR to Wizards of the Coast to Malhavoc Press.  Along the way he also published a non-fiction book, The Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracies.  The Bilderberg Group becomes the Harbor Group, and how to work conspiracies into your own game!

* (16:51) Monte’s take on the OGL and the sorts of books it’s produced.

* (20:26) His own gaming group and what they run.  House-ruling his own material.  Starting games inside the companies that made those very titles.

* (29:06) How to reference D&D without violating copyright or trademark law.

* (31:17) Monte’s thoughts on the development of Pathfinder and how its rules were shaped.

* (34:16) The projects he’s working on now, the future of Malhavoc, and the brand power of his own name.

* (39:09) DriveThruRPG, DRM, and Fear the Boot versus Wikipedia.  Oofty Goofty climbing the Dark Tower, and Monte Cook inventing the clementine orange.

* (44:50) What’s the best class in 3e?  (Editor’s Note: I can’t believe we went there, even tongue in cheek.)  The viability of bards.  The lost d12 and how it led to the barbarian.

* (51:32) Monte settles a bet for one of our Twitter followers.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Johann, John

Guests: Monte Cook