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Fear the Boot

Apr 28, 2011

* (0:25) Less Dan and more Pat!

* (0:57) Welcoming Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings.  Discussion about his history with Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and MMOs.  You can find his own band, Tripping Icarus, on their Facebook page.

* (13:34) Chris’ experience with roleplaying games.  Power-gaming and over-planning characters.  How tabletop gaming is affected by his career in professional sports.

* (20:10) Gamer shame and bullying (or the lack thereof) while being a successful athlete through high school, college, and professional athletics.

* (29:07) Wayne asks whether Chris has leveraged his position to meet famous people.  The possibility of a future career in the tabletop or video gaming industries, and also discussion of a combination board and card game he’s working on.

* (32:23) How Chris got into wargaming.  His experiences with Warhammer and Warmachine, including how he did in his first tournament.  Discussion about what makes a game store successful and the sort of shop he’d like to help open someday.

* (42:44) How often a punter appears in front of the media.  Chris’ checkered history with Twitter.  And if you’re interested in seeing his Twitter account, you can find it here.

* (49:38) Chris’ current game picks.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Pat, Wayne

Guest: Chris Kluwe