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Fear the Boot

Mar 31, 2011

UPDATE: Shane has provided our listeners with a discount code good for 15% off anything at the online store until May 1. The coupon code is “feartheboot” (without the quotes).  So if you’re interested in trying out any of their products, here’s your chance to get them a bit cheaper!

* (0:30) The St. Charles Fantasy Shop will be having a game day on April 9th from 12:00pm – 11:00pm.  You can find more details on the event calendar of their website.

* (1:41) Welcoming Shane Ivey of Arc Dream Publishing, the source of games such as Wild Talents, Delta Green, Godlike, and Monsters and Other Childish Things.

* (4:08) The difficulty of selling games where the play experience is difficult to describe in a cover blurb or elevator pitch.  Techniques for getting those titles out there, and the opportunities created by that struggle.

* (16:30) The relationship among independent publishers, specifically whether it’s more helpful or competitive.

* (19:09) The effectiveness of using samples, teasers, and other freebies to market a game.  The problems Free RPG Day present for a small publisher.

* (23:47) The innovative Bits and Mortar initiative which helps local gaming stores give you electronic copies of games along with the physical book, thus using digital publishing to help their sales instead of being competition.  The site also has a store locator to help you find participating shops.

* (31:41) Shane’s own tastes in gaming outside of Arc Dream titles.  We talk about historical gaming and some alternate methods of scene resolution.

* (44:14) How the games Shane plays impact the games he writes.

* (52:08) The new products Arc Dream currently has in development or has recently released.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Guest: Shane Ivey