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Fear the Boot

Aug 13, 2009

Wednesday was the day Chad, John and I arrived in Indianapolis for Gen Con. They beat me there, and headed over to a different hotel for a hastily assembled “Pot Luck & Beer Tasting” event. By the time I showed, there were about a dozen Booters present.

We dined on chili concocted by Martian Bob himself, and tasted a variety of micro brews scrounged up (and some brewed by) Killercheesewedge. Plenty of gamer talk abounded, as ‘Return of the Jedi’ played on Spike TV in the background. Of course, we paused to listen to Admiral Ackbar shout, “It’s a trap!”

Photos below, as well as a brief audio commentary by Chad & John on their journey up (Dan will be uploading this).

Tomorrow the coverage begins in earnest, so keep checking back for more updates daily.

Some photos of the gathering here. Expect more tomorrow.