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Fear the Boot

Jan 4, 2013

* (0:05) This was originally going to be the next Bedtime Stories before Wayne happened.  Regardless, we start with Julia’s misunderstanding of what we mean by “bedtime stories”.

* (1:23) You can find Chad’s free games through Morning Skye Studio.

* (2:29) Dan guest hosted on two other shows: Dragonlance Canticle and MasterCast.

* (3:17) Julia gets pantsed.

* (5:26) Dan goes to first grade with Dawn.  The many nations of Missouri and the misspelled town of Rolla.

* (9:22) Dan almost gets pantsed.

* (12:34) John and Pat go bowling.

* (16:38) Wayne and the bingo wand.

* (20:32) Wayne and the soap baby.

* (27:08) What an actual non-crush looks like.

* (30:39) The Hamburglar ring and an actual robbery.

* (35:28) Wayne ups the ante.

* (38:19) Julia loves America.  Pat attributes it to…something else.

* (40:40) The playoffs + Action Nerds: Go! + Dan’s house = damage to Dan’s house?  Aggression, sports, and the intersection thereof.  You can find Dungeon Crawl Classics here.

Hosts: Dan, Julia, Pat, Wayne