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Fear the Boot

Nov 29, 2012

If you need an extra dose of Fear the Boot this week, Dan was a guest on two other podcasts.  First, he appeared on Saving the Game to talk about the moral dimension of folklore and re-imagining tabletop fantasy in a monotheistic paradigm.  Second, he appeared on Pros & Cons to talk about the nitty gritty of hosting a convention.

As a side note, while Pros & Cons has a similar “no politics, no religion” policy to our own, Saving the Game is a Christian podcast.  It’s not aggressive toward other worldviews, but consider this fair warning that it does carry an overtly religious perspective.

* (0:05) Chris demands the bonus episode disclaimer.  Johann delivers!

* (1:19) The premise (and ditched titled) for the episode.

* (1:33) The problem with Chris.

* (4:10) Back to the prior topic!  What Dan wants gone: the “traitor” mechanic.

* (7:33) What Johann wants gone: cursed items.

* (15:53) What Chris wants gone: a lack of time and rules lawyers.

* (26:29) What John wants gone: not being a kid, anymore.

* (29:03) Playing across the gender aisle.

* (32:58) Real-life versus your gaming life.

* (34:25) The one piece of equipment your characters always have.  Plus encumbrance, belladonna, and garlic.

* (42:29) Casting times, damage type versus armor type, and negative pressure.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Johann, John, Pat