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Fear the Boot

Jun 30, 2012

* (0:04) 4th of July comes early!

* (0:46) One of our Twitter users correctly observes what makes this show work.

* (2:56) Wayne does a brilliant transition that fails, losing out to Trendy Top, shorts with writing on them, and Chad’s hat.

* (8:28) Being dressed by your parents.

* (10:31) Dan’s praise for Duluth Trading Co.

* (12:57) The child abuse known as “hand-me-downs”, and the spousal abuse known as “shopping”.  Wayne carves out his own clothing phases.

* (23:49) The worst piece of clothing foisted upon us while growing up.

* (27:47) Toe shoes.

* (33:15) Pat in black, and Dan in combat boots.

* (43:25) Batman, Spider-Man, and Wayne in a poncho.

* (49:02) Our favorite pieces of clothing.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat, Wayne