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Fear the Boot

Aug 15, 2011

DISCLAIMER: While profanities were censored from this episode, the subject matter is still a bit more crass than what Fear the Boot normally covers.  Personal discretion is advised.

* (0:47) Why we’re doing a bonus episode, and Pat’s favorite (non-existent) Care Bears.

* (1:34) Introducing Bloodmoon Goblins, a Pathfinder supplement John is creating.  He needs our help funding it, so you can find the donation site, promo video, and reward options on his Kickstarter site!

* (7:58) Pat and Dan trade gifts (though Dan’s ends up with John).  This leads into a variety of stories that were probably best left untold.

* (19:10) Pat learns about the origin and history of the Bellamy salute.

* (22:08) The host division over the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie.  (“Upcoming” when this was recorded, now in theaters.)

* (33:16) Conjecture about our weekly D&D campaign, whether it’s about to die, and (if that happens) what opportunities that presents for the show.

* (35:57) Two upcoming charity auctions.

Hosts: Dan, John, Pat, Wayne