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Fear the Boot

Nov 4, 2010

FAIR WARNING: This episode was recorded just prior to Halloween, so those sorts of subjects were on our mind.  However, even for a bonus episode, this show wanders into some strange places we don’t normally go.  I struggled for a few days on whether to even release it or not, but in the end I decided to do so.  I hope you’ll take the show for what it’s meant to be, in all of its nuance and whimsy.

* (0:55) The unpleasantness of audio editing.

* (3:40) If you could relocate yourself to a fictional setting, which one would it be?

* (15:34) A discussion regarding the believability of the Cursed With Awesome trope.

* (23:54) Vampires, otherkin, and otakukin.

Hosts: Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne