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Fear the Boot

Sep 5, 2013

* (1:00) Illustrating the idea of a proactive player with an analogy from World of Warcraft.

* (6:02) Your fun versus my fun.

* (7:45) The blessing and curse proactive players present to the Game Master.

* (10:49) The effect the proactive player has on the other players.  How such players can draw people in instead of pushing them away.

* (16:56) How proactive players can help the GM up their game.

* (20:56) Dealing with random outbursts.  Dealing with a quiet player in-game, but boisterous players out-of-game.

* (25:04) God bless proactive players in con games.

* (27:59) The value in giving your character a hobby.

* (29:55) Handling your actions via notecard instead of stating them aloud.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Johann, Wayne