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Fear the Boot

Aug 22, 2013

* (0:44) Congratulating Chad for bringing home an ENnie award for Silent Memories!  Weather dice, mood dice, and other such oddities.

* (5:27) Chris’ Kickstarter for Table Tales is still running, so stop by and show him some love.

* (5:50) Tabletop games we expected to hate but were surprised by how much we enjoyed.  Takenoko, Wasabi, Powerboats, Roll Through the Ages, and Tsuro.

* (12:26) Designing the right finale for your campaign.  Understanding what the campaign was about, which may or may not be the same as its plot.  Identifying what the players and Game Master each want from the conclusion.

* (39:39) Our favorite endings to campaigns we’ve played in.

* (43:06) Creating an epilogue to wrap-up any unfinished business after the finale is done.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Wayne