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Fear the Boot

Jun 27, 2013

* (0:29) How movies once made songs famous, but now seem to generally select songs that are already famous.  You’re The Best by Joe Esposito.

* (2:50) Thrift Shop, Pat, a stripper, and his son.

* (6:43) The gamification of an RPG.  What the term means in business or learning, and how it can be applied to the meta-game of an RPG.  The language site we mentioned was DuoLingo.

* (11:51) The potential pitfalls of gamification, including too much focus on the meta-game, overburdening players, or growing disparities in power.

* (14:09) A defense of the idea.  How it’s already a part of RPGs, even if not acknowledged or codified.

* (20:29) Additional examples of where these systems already exist in RPGs.  Whether the very act of naming and describing the system can make gamification problematic.  The psychological value of being able to choose the type of carrot and stick a Game Master wants to use.

Hosts: Dan, John, Julia, Pat