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Fear the Boot

Mar 22, 2013

* (0:30) The Orson Welles recordings.  You can find the original here and the surprisingly similar parody here.

* (1:29) Thoughts and prayers for Jake and his brother, Erick.  You can send wishes to his forum account, Pinofski.  (You’ll need to be logged in to our forums for that link to work.)

* (2:26) Registration for Fear the Con is still up and running.  Also Iron Man 3 and the Sober Driver Brigade.

* (7:17) The two kinds of failure in a roleplaying game: mechanical failure and story failure.

* (10:01) Handling mechanical failure.  Identifying whether the problem is a poor understanding of the game or just crappy luck.

* (14:30) The importance of perception.  How buy-in can make failure in an RPG so much harder to accept than failure in books or movies.  The degree of IC/OOC separation.

* (31:39) The role of the GM in mitigating feelings of defeat.

* (40:51) Games with an intentionally unhappy ending or multiple endings.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Johann, Pat