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Fear the Boot

Feb 21, 2013

* (0:24) The traits to expect from a good editor.  Determining the kinds of edits you’re looking for.  Separating style and other subjective choices from genuine problems with the writing.

* (9:32) Choosing traditional publication versus self-publication.

* (18:08) Name placement on a list or bookstore shelf.

* (20:17) The importance of marketing your book and yourself as an author.  How name recognition led to the creation of Fear the Boot.

* (42:38) A few quick notes on Kickstarter and other methods of fundraising.  Monte Cooke’s book, Kicking It.  Joel and Tristan’s first interview with Postcards from the Dungeon.  (As of this release, the follow-up has not yet been posted, but be sure to keep watching their site!)

* (44:18) A wrap-up of what everyone is doing and where you can find their work.

Hosts: Chuck, Dan, Joel, John, Tristan

Chuck Wills’ Chronicles of Spire in ebook or print.

Joel Dalenberg and Tristan Zimmerman’s The GM’s Real World Reference on DriveThru.  You can also find Tristan over at Dragonlance Canticle.

John Grana’s Bloodmoon Goblins on DriveThru and Paizo.