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Fear the Boot

Feb 1, 2013

* (0:28) Registration is running for Fear the Con 6.

* (0:57) John makes a Shadowrun character.

* (7:26) The various models roleplaying games use for representing damage to your character.  Shaken, stunned, and otherwise losing control of your character.

* (11:49) What damage actually represents: injuries versus the loss of will to fight.

* (13:53) The relationship between damage, the duration of combat, and the feel of the game.

* (18:13) Accumulating wounds instead of losing health.

* (20:42) How a setting can make less descriptive damage more helpful to the feeling and flow of a game.

* (26:25) The models we each prefer and the reasons why.

* (35:10) How healers affect the way we view injuries.

* (41:01) Swapping out the combat system of a particular game.

Hosts: Dan, John, Pat, Wayne