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Fear the Boot

Nov 12, 2012

* (0:24) Maintaining and expressing individuality while in a command structure.  The story of Roy Benavidez.

* (3:17) The details of military rank structure and the protocol for addressing other soldiers.   The importance of how you got your rank, and the subcultures that creates.  A survey of military ranks, histories, etymologies, etc, can be found here (there’s a show/hide link next to it — just click “show”).

* (21:36) The reasons people join the military.

* (35:21) The dehumanization of the enemy, and how it makes combat both easier and more difficult.  You can read up on the Christmas Truce here.

* (40:39) The conversations that occur between moments of action.  When and where people have their most honest moments, and the form they take.

* (47:51) The camaraderie shared by military veterans as a result of their shared experiences.  The similar (albeit less significant) camaraderie that forms among roleplayers for similar reasons.

Hosts: Cape, Dan, (Sgt.) Dan, Ryan, Wayne


Miscellaneous links…

The two blogs Cape contributes to are Geek Life and Roleplayers Chronicle.

In an email exchange, Ryan also suggest a book, entitled What It Is Like To Go To War.