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Fear the Boot

Oct 4, 2012

* (0:36)  Postcards!  Postcards!  Send in your postcards and win free stuff!

* (1:08) Shock websites and the other horrors of the internet Chad intentionally seeks out.

* (12:44) Real-life shame (or the lack thereof) and how that impacts the way we approach roleplaying games.  The “Cerebus rant” can be found here.  FAIR WARNING: The material contained within will likely be offensive to the vast majority of people.

* (32:21) What happened to the campaign pitches our listeners sent it.

* (33:25) A thread on My Little Pony gives birth to an artistic rendering of Boots and Unicrorn.

* (39:22) What to do when one or more people are unhappy with the current game.  How that displeasure can get confused with genuine, interpersonal issues.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Julia