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Fear the Boot

Aug 8, 2012

* (0:47) Fear the Boot vs Fear the Boot.  The ENnies weren’t even in the room!

* (1:53) Wayne falls in love with the idea of games that have a story self-contained story arcs.

* (4:30) Music and other in-character distractions from the game.  Roleplaying in sidebars.

* (21:16) Blah, blah, blah, InSpectres.  You can see the three confessionals here, here, and here.

* (29:01) Using another game system — or even another instance of the same game — to further explore your plot and setting.  Taking a break or changing tone through related games.

* (43:57) Switching Game Masters when moving in and out of sub-games.

Hosts: Chad, John, Julia, Pat, Wayne